Bulguksa Templestay Participation Guide 



The relaxation program allows visitors to adjust their own schedules exception to times for offering and Buddhist services.

The experiential program affords guests the opportunity to learn about the cultural assets at the temple, and take walks the evening service around the pagodas. 

Participants will get the chance to practice the morning chants, meditation, tea ceremony, 108 prostrations, etc which will lead to introspection and time heal oneself.








A scent of Millennia

One day program

(3hr~5hr /

 10 more


·Temple tour

·Tea time with monk

·Making bracelet


Morning Time :20,000

Afternoon : 30,000

Breathing in the

Millennium air

Overnight program

·Bulguksa Tour

·Tea time with a Monk

·Morning service and


·Seokguram Grotto Tour

adult 80,000(KRW)

student 70,000(KRW)














* Groups discounts available.

* Templestay accommodations are outside the temple grounds(5mins by car, 20mins on foot)



Time : 09:00-17:00

Office : 82+54-746-0983

E_mail : bulguksa@templestay.com

*Please leave a message when not answering the call which is due to running the templestay program.

Please arrive by 3PM.

For groups(company training, travelling agencies, schools), custom-made programs are available, please check in advance with the temple’s manager.



Click the on-line reservation banner.

Choose the program at the templestay reservation system.

Choose the dates ans fill-in with the basic informations needed.

Pay in advance(both credit cards or direct deposits are possible)

-Nonghyup(농협) 351-0469-5996-13 Bulguksa(불국사)

Reservations will be confirmed when payment is confirmed.

Reservations status will be informed through texts and e-mails.



personal toiletries, towels, spare clothing, comfortable shoes(preferably runnings shoes/ trekking shoes), socks, personal water bottle(thermos)


Refund Regulation

3 days before 100% refund

2 days before 70% refund

the day of participation 0% refund

*When refund is directly deposited, remittance charge will be deducted.



* Please refrain from smoking during templestay.

* If you are found smoking : you will be asked to leave without a refund.

* Please refrain from wearing revealing clothes and heavy scents.

* Loud music and noise is not permitted. 





[By Car]

Expressway Get off at : Gyeongju IC or South Gyeongju IC Bulguksa Temple

* parking place also available at the templestay accomodations outside the Bulguksa temple

(address: Madong Gatgeorang-gil 13-7 Gyeongju)



[By Bus]

From the Gyeongju Express Bus Temrminal, across the street take the bus #10 or #11

Bus #10 run from 06:00 to 21:40(every 20mins)

Bus #11 run from 06:10 to 21:55(every 20mins)



[By KTX]

From the Gyeongju Station take the bus #700

Bus #700run from 07:30 to 23:50















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