Morning Schedule - Daily Program  






Arrival & Temple tour (One Pillar Gate)


 Dharma Talk & tea time with monk

Meditation or Making prayer beads (Select)


Afternoon Schedule - Daily Program  






Arrival & Temple tour (Compound)


 Meditation or Making prayer beads (Select)




 Dharma drum and bell Ceremony


 Evening Yebul

- This program can be practiced for two or three hours while experiencing a real Buddhist culture with temple tour and tea time with monk.

- Templestay Team Leader : Young hee Kim(T: 010-7773-0983)

- Participation fee : Morning time (20,000won, included admission fee)

                           Afternoon time (30,000won, included admission fee)


Overnight Schedule 








OT/learning for temple etiquette


Bulguksa Tour




Dharma instruments

Yebool(Buddhist Ceremony)


 Conversation with Monk


 Move to The templestay house


Closing the day 





Move the Bulguksa Temple 


Morning ceremony 


 Meditaion & making bracelet




 Seokguram Grotto Tour


 Check out


- Sometimes a night tour of Gyeongju is available instead of tea time.

- This program can be changed according the temple condition

- Team Leader : Young hee Kim (010-7773-0983)




Yebool(Buddhist Ceremony)

Time to pray for peace and enlightenment. Early in the morning when it is still dark, the morning starts with the Brahma bell’s sound awakening the quiet mountain temple along with the monks chants inside the buddha hall. When the sun sets, once again the majestic sound of the Brahma bell alerts the Yebool time, where everyone at the temple gathers to pray. It is time to stand in front of Buddha and clean one’s body, mouth and soul so everyone will find the inner peace.



Sound Meditation(with Sacred Instruments)

The sacred instruments are the following four - Dharma drum, Brahma bell, Wooden fish, and Cloud-shaped gong. Playing these instruments and making the sounds is a Buddhist ceremony to wish the happiness of all living-beings. They are played before the morning and evening ceremonies. Participants get the chance to purify mind and body by listening to the four sounds of Dharma drum, Brahma bell, Wooden fish, and Cloud-shaped gong.



Tea time with the monk

A tea-cup full of warm consolation, tea-time & tea ceremony, is a very special experience you can only get from Templestay where you sit along for a conversation with a practicing monk. Along with the questions you had on Buddhism, you can also ask the monk on the everyday life's troubles.



Temple tour

There are many national treasures such as Seokgatap, Dabotap and Seokgulam and many more in Bulguksa. Experience the ancestor's wisdom and spirit towards the Buddha through the national treasures from which you can see the 1700 years of Korean Buddhism and culture.



Seon Meditation

Silent reason. Seon Meditation is the center practice of Korean Buddhism. Through the Seon meditation templestay participants will confront with their inner self and by the introspection process of looking back, they will get the energy to live a positive life.



Will let you rent from differentiating, and judging. Concentrate on breathing and and relax your body and soul.

Refreshing forest clear air, the thousand years of numinous energy of Bulguksa has the optimum condition that will set at ease the overexcited five senses.



108 Prostrations

Prostrating practice which rules your body and soul, 108 prostrations

108 prostration time is about learning the humility through the enlightenment that this moment only exists now. Follow the ‘108 Prostration awakening myself’ sound and slowly prostrate 108 times. Pray for the truth.




Going around the pagoda as a group praising Buddha's good deeds and pray for a wish is 'Tapdolee'. The two pagodas, Seokgatap and Dabotap which has been there for over a thousand years, go around them with the monks and wish for a small wish.





Other Experiencing programs

Lotus flower lantern making

brighten the world and myself with the lantern of truth. Lotus lantern refers to the lantern made in the lotus form. With several layers of thin paper leaves glued together, a beautiful lotus lantern will be completed. Like the lotus flower that blooms so purely from the mud, make the lotus lantern with the colorful Hanji(Korean traditional paper) wishing for the wisdom to bloom as well.



Beads making

Make the distracted mind round. Pray for enlightenment on each of the beads while making it. The short beads are called Danju(단주,短珠), the 108beads are made of 108 beads which is called 108yeomju(염주).



Seokgulam tour & Gyeongju night tour

The world heritage Seokgulam cultural tour and Gyeongju night tour is only available to groups of foreigners participating the Bulguksa templestay overnight programs. Gyeongju night tour program consists of visiting historical sites such as Cheomsungdae(observatory), Anapji(detached palace), Wangreung(royal tomb).



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